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the church beyond the walls GSO Meeting

  • PB & Java 616 South Elm Street Greensboro, NC, 27406 United States (map)

Come join us for the first Greensboro meeting of the church beyond the walls. Lee O'Hare will be teaching. Lee started a FaceBook page call "The Online Posse of Spiritual Misfits" The purpose of that group appears below.  Admission is free, of course! At 10am we will serve breakfast (pancakes, bacon, eggs, grits, toast, OJ) then move to a time of learning to love God and our neighbor. 

Lee's purpose for the Online Posse of Spiritual Misfits

The purpose of this group is to facilitate a spiritual community that would be a "safe place" for spiritual pilgrims to come and find support, encouragement and fellowship together as we seek to pursue an intimate relationship with our Abba God. Many of us have come out of hurtful church experiences and many have been burned and deeply disillusioned by "the church" and religious Christianity and yet, still love Jesus and simply long for a place to work out our spiritual issues in a non-judgmental and supporting environment. 

So, I have created this group to be a place where we can come together and work through our questions and support one another as we deconstruct some of our old religious beliefs in our search for a more beautiful Gospel and a more Christ-like God.

While this group does not officially hold or require any particular doctrinal or theological position you will find a strong leaning towards a belief in Universal Reconciliation (or Inclusionism) and a very strong opposition to a belief in eternal conscious torment in a place called "hell". If you are not comfortable with that then this group is probably not for you. We will not tolerate those who come into this group with an agenda to "correct" our beliefs and actively promote traditional evangelical doctines of hellfire and divine retribution. 

Now for some necessary "housekeeping". As stated above the purpose of this group is to be a supportive spiritual community of fellowship and mutual encouragement. This is NOT the place for argumentative, mean-spirited debating on issues that bring a divisive or controlling element into the group. While healthy and considerate discussion is welcomed and encouraged I will insist that all such discussion be done in respect and mutual kindness. As our group motto states: 

"Be kind to one another; even if you disagree on stuff."

.Accordingly, no name-calling, vindictive or hurtful language will be tolerated. This is also NOT the place to be proselytizing your favorite theology or pet doctrine, pushing your personal agenda or promoting your political cause. Please respect the purpose and nature of this group and we should all have a wonderful time together. Peace.

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