Isolation Kills

It is not good that anyone be alone...

That statement is the underlying foundation of everything we do at City 616. It is a loose translation of a Bible verse. Just before God created Woman... He said this about Adam. So most people think it is just a verse that talks about marriage... man needs a mate. But it actually goes much deeper. It is not just about marriage; it is about all humans, regardless of race, creed or color. It is NEVER good that a human being should be alone. We were made for community, for sharing, for caring and social interaction.  

It is no secret to most of the people who know us that we are Christ followers. Now, before you jump ship and trash this post, let me make one thing perfectly clear to those who have been scandalized, embarrassed, harrassed or mistreated by "religious" folk. That one thing is this: If my (your) faith in Christ does not lead me (you) to love those who disagree with me (you) or even those who hate me (you)... then I (you) haven't got a faith... I (you) just have another form of prejudice. So hang in there! I promise it won't be as painful as you might think.

Isolation: the Killer of our Times

So, as stated above, we believe strongly in community and community values. In today's world we have isolated ourselves from one another and from many relationships. We have our cell phones, texting, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram etc. but we are losing the fulfillment of true face-to-face encounters. Here at City 616 it is our passion, our call from God, to connect people to one another. Regardless of faith, race, political persuasion, economic strata or sexual orientation, we make our city (our society) a better place to live when people find the wonder in one another. This is a worthy calling. 

The Kingdom of God so Close you Can Touch It

There is another thing that our faith compels us to do: to intoduce others to the joy of God. Once again I might be scaring some folks into unsuscribing but I would ask you for tolerance. You see, my "religion" has seen some pretty strange times and strange people have stood up to say that they "speak for God." That is one of the reasons that we are not very vocal in our demonstration of faith. Rather we have sought to listen more than we speak, to show others the unbounding joy, love and wonder found in God thru Christ rather than preach. We have done it with dinners, Grubs, plays, parties, get-togethers, showers, movie nights, weddings, CD release parties, book signing parties and dozens of informal get-togethers. As people have drawn near in these events our goal has been to love them and to show them the joy of life; the joy of community; the joy the Kingdom of God. 

Does this intrique you? Does it ring some bells? Then hop onboard to help us with our mission!