Introducing the Joyful Community Blog

Come on in and let us introduce ourselves...

Come on in and let us introduce ourselves...


Some of you know that this blog has been in existence for several months. However, I (Charlie) am in the midst of an online course that is teaching me how to do things better than I have in the past. And one of those things that I did NOT do which is recommended in the class: Send out an introductory post which let's people know who we are and what is our purpose in writing this blog. In other words, how can this blog benefit you and who are we that we should presume to have something significant to say? 


First, who are we? We are Charlie & Ruth Jones. We spent over 20 years in touring theater, performing under the name of Peculiar People. Ninety-eight percent of our audiences were churches across the US and abroad. We have been to hundreds of churches and talked with thousands of Christians about God, faith and our understanding of the same. Ten years ago we moved to Greensboro, NC where we decided we would conduct an experiment: What would it look like if God moved into the neighborhood? To many that would be the last thing they would want. To others it would mean dull, drab living. To some it would mean judgementalism and guilt feelings. But to us and to those who have been in our home... it means celebration and deep joy. It means vibrant community and loving those who are different. It means reveling in the wonder of one another and our God. It means acceptance, inclusion and happiness.


Let me tell you who our target audience is for this blog. Who do we hope to attract? So glad you asked. We assume that our first category of visitors will be largely Christians who are not satisfied with the status quo of present Evangelical Christianity. You're tired of playing the games and being told what is "Christian" and what is not. Like me you hate the power grab performed by so many in Christian leadership... both clerical and politcal. The 2nd group of people I hope to attract are those folks who do not think of themselves as Christians but are open to listening to someone who probably thinks much the same way that they do. In other words, I once heard it said by a Christian to a non-Christian, "Tell me those things you hate most about Christianity and they are probably the same things I hate." We live in a culture where Jesus has been poorly represented and his character so maligned that what most people think of Christianity is no where near the truth. My desire is to change you from a skeptical burned-out Christian to joyful follower of Jesus. And if you would never call yourself a Christian, then I hope to give you some things to "chew on" about the REAL claims of Jesus and His followers. Another goal we have... while we are treating you to the wonder of Life, we will also be enticing you with thoughts of how great it is to be in community with others. And we're not talking about a community of like-minded, homogenized groups of people who look, think and act alike. But a joyful community of disparate people from all corners of society, economic status and religious belief. We want you to know the joy that we have had in such gatherings. So welcome to our Joyful Community.


We welcome you back here as often as you can make it. We encourage dialogue (not rants and negative crap) and would love to hear more from you and more about you. 

BTW, we LOVE dogs. 

BTW, we LOVE dogs. 

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